About Us

The Cactus represents so many things to me. Strength, endurance, inspiration and admiration for starters. Did you know a Cactus can go long periods of time without water? I know, that was an easy one, but did you know the Cacti is very strong in eliminating bacteria, tackling pollution and also great at reducing radiation? A study was done where they placed cell towers near Cactuses and they were able to determine large amounts of radiation were absorbed by them. Not to mention they can survive the worst of elements and stand tall still blooming beautifully.  

Can you relate as a mom, wife, business woman? I sure can. We give so much of ourselves to others, go without, put our loved ones first, juggling careers, making lunches, rides to and from the soccer fields, playdates, meeting deadlines at work, surviving all of the chaos and still making time for other loved ones. We manage, right? We endure, stand tall and somehow still bloom beautifully.   

I am a wife and a mother; I have juggled a corporate career for many years while trying to find the creative outlet that fullfils me. I have always been a humanitarian at heart, helping others, donating to causes, making a difference, walking the walk not talking the talk, that is one of my many mottos and I am very proud to live by it. 

I wanted to create a place online where women can step away from their endless duties and many roles to take time out for themselves. I strive to offer products you can connect with or relate to, that are stylish and trendy, some are quite delicious and some of our products will even make you laugh out loud, I promise. We have taken our time to find just the right items that fit our brand. We support other women by purchasing from female artisans and female owned and operated companies who, by the majority contribute portions of their proceeds to so many wonderful causes like Diabetes, Heart Disease and Autism just to name a few. 

We wanted to walk the walk by making a difference a little at a time while celebrating women because we endure, stand tall and bloom beautifully... 


   Welcome to the Cactus Barn Boutique